museum of temporary art

MOTA is a roaming/ evolving/ temporary/ neighbourhood specific/ pop-up art gallery that engages community in creative dialogue.

MOTA inhabits the space between public art and graffiti.

MOTA believes that art should be accessible to everyone. We take art out of the institution and into the community, transforming under-utilized urban spaces into living, breathing art galleries.

MOTA transforms the back alleys of neighbourhoods into dynamic and inclusive creative spaces. By “taking back” the back alley with a creative, community based intervention, MOTA helps shine a positive light on what is commonly perceived as a dark and dingy area to be avoided.

MOTA takes the “con” out of contemporary art. We seek to engage communities by providing a creative forum for individuals to express themselves. It’s an opportunity to share our stories, explore rich cultures and celebrate diversity.

MOTA helps connect neighbourhoods… we engage all community members equally, in a collaborative and creative conversation.


Mota Riverdale

The Alley Gallery: Art for the Real World for more information.

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